Typedeck started out as a collection of hand-picked creative news, resources and inspiration on the night of 5 June 2011 by Imar Krige of Solid Stuff.

However, as the demands of every day life and an emerging design business grew, time became an ever-more limited resource and Typedeck sadly fell by the wayside.

That is, until November 2017, when it took a new collaborative course, in the form of an interview series subtitled Life&Work.

With Nadia Krige (Imar’s sister) of Gypsified/Slow Drive in charge of words, Tamara Krige (Imar’s wife) of Solid Stuff heading up photography and Imar, himself, at the helm of design, this project seeks to delve a little deeper into the creative, adventurous and down-right crazy pursuits of ordinary people out there.

If you have anyone in mind you’d like us to chat to, send us an Email.