Vintage Kodak packaging

Last night I saw an awesome movie called Super 8 which inspired me to find this old film and camera packaging.

Last night I rented an awesome 2011 movie called Super 8. I’m not sure how I completely missed it on the circuit, but I had never heard of it. I guess my brain switched off every time I heard someone mention “super something-or-other”, assuming it was yet another superhero movie…

Turns out I was just uneducated. The title refers to a motion picture film format introduced by Kodak Eastman in 1965. Following it’s 8mm predecessor, this bad boy featured smaller perforations allowing for a larger exposure area, hence the superness.

History lesson aside, during the movie (set in 1979) I noticed the unmistakeable yellow Kodak film packs and it inspired me to look for some more film and camera packaging examples from that period. Fortunately I came across a nice little collection at The Medium Control’s inspiration blog, have a look:

Vintage Kodak packaging

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Mysterious calligraphic album from the 1620s

These beautifully ornate calligraphic letterforms form part of an album entitled “Kalligraphische Schriftvorlagen” (calligraphic writing styles) produced by Johann Hering of Bavaria, Germany in the 1620s. Were they intended for educational use or simply practice sheets from Hering’s personal collection?

According to BiblyOdyssey, there is not much information available online about Johann Hering or his work as scribe, but what we do know is the majority of this writing is in German (with occasional Latin) and many of the pages contain texts from The Bible.

Aren’t these amazing?

Calligraphic letterforms by Johann Hering, 1620s

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Friday find: Nice Type videos

Look, a channel on Vimeo dedicated to typographic videos! And did you know there are such things as pre-animated typefaces? I learn something new every day…

Big news in the world of online video this week is that Vimeo is launching a major overhaul of their site. While checking out their announcement page, I noticed this screenshot saying Nice Type in big blue and red letters:

Nice Type on Vimeo

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Cool title screens: The Master Cleanse

Some clever title screen lettering by Erik Marinovich perfectly captures the mood of this short film.

Friends of Type recently reported on Erik Marinovich’s process in designing the title screens for a short film entitled The Master Cleanse.

I really like the way the bright yellow and white smeared lettering creates a perfect visual paradox: clean yet grimy. As the days go by and the relationship of the main characters becomes strained, the build-up of tension is reflected in the lettering – another clever touch by Erik:

The Master Cleanse title screens

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Friday find: Book cover graphics

Julian Montague of Buffalo, New York started documenting interesting book covers from his collection in February 2009. Three years later (and over 1000 covers later) he is still at it…

Julian Montague of Buffalo, New York started documenting interesting book covers from his collection in February 2009. Three years later (and over 1000 covers later) he is still at it!

Here are a few, but this is only scratching the surface:

Daily Book Graphics

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Nice site: Cast Iron Design Company

Cast Iron Design Company has not forgotten the reason we designers got all excited about the prospect of web fonts in the first place: the ability to use real fonts for typographic design instead of replacing text with images…

I don’t often feature websites on here. I guess the whole web font “revolution” of the last two years has sent designers into a flurry of experimentation and the results are often a little underwhelming.

People like Jason Santa Maria and Trent Walton have been nudging us in the right direction, showing us the power that this culmination of typographic awareness, innovation and browser support holds. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, and in exploring this new frontier, best practices have been something of a grey area.

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The beauty of beer

A blog focusing purely on graphic design in the world of beer? I have to admit, I had no idea how much design gets consumed by beer until now!

When I first came across Oh Beautiful Beer, a blog documenting outstanding graphic design in the world of, well, beer, I couldn’t help but wonder how such a limited category would yield enough material to quench the thirst of a blog.

Clearly I had no idea how much design gets consumed by beer!

Created by Harvey Shepard of Livingston, Texas, this beer design blog is over a year old now. Here are a few of the beautiful beers with some nice typographic touches he has featured:

Oh Beautiful Beer

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IBM Film Ribbons by Paul Rand

A striking example of Paul Rand’s packaging design work for IBM from the 1960s.

Javier Garcia of San Francisco found this striking example of Paul Rand’s IBM packaging design tucked away in his dad’s office, still wrapped and unused. Javier points out the nice contrast of the white hand lettering against the bold slab-serifed IBM. I agree, it works super well.

Paul Rand IBM packaging

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