Interactive type design game

Hey, remember that kerning game from a couple of weeks ago? Well there’s a new letter shaping game, also created for Method of Action by Mark Mackay.

What is the point of these games? Well, it’s not quite clear to me, but Method of Action claims to be launching a design course for programmers soon and their blog hints at the possibility that these games will be playing a role:

When Method of Action launches, you’re going to need at least 90/100 to pass this mission, so get practicing!

In my opinion shaping letters is a little more challenging than kerning. The characters are all from well known typefaces, so the result is much less subjective than that of the kerning game. Success depends heavily on your ability to recognise aesthetic correctness of a character’s curves, so give Shape Type a whirl and see how you fare. Oh, and don’t forget to Tweet your score!

Shape Type - a letter shaping game

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