Friday find: Nice Type videos

Big news in the world of online video this week is that Vimeo is launching a major overhaul of their site. While checking out their announcement page, I noticed this screenshot saying Nice Type in big blue and red letters:

Nice Type on Vimeo

It turns out Nice Type is a channel moderated by Matthew Buchanan where he collects all the best typographic videos from around Vimeo. Now isn’t that nice?

Here’s a little something to whet your appetite:

If you can’t see the video here, watch it on Vimeo.

What you see above is a demo for an animated typeface called Binary 2.0 created by Dutch studio Calango in collaboration with Maria Jose Torrero Heredia of Mexico:

Binary 2.0 animated typeface

Binary 2.0 animated typeface

What the bleep is an animated typeface you ask? I have to be honest, this is the first time I hear of the concept too. Apparently it comes with pre-animated characters of which you can edit the colors, duration, easing and line thickness in Adobe After Effects. This definitely calls for some further investigation…

By Imar

Imar Krige is a professional graphic designer and typography enthusiast from Cape Town, South Africa.