Friday find: Woodcut Poynder ampersand

Look at this cool ampersand:

24 Line Poynder Ampersand print

It has an interesting story too: Jaqui Sharples of Lancashire, England, found this 24 line woodcut letter on eBay where it was being advertised as a “3”. An avid letterpress enthusiast she immediately recognised it as an ampersand, bought it for only £3 and made the beautiful print pictured above.

24 Line Poynder Ampersand

Sharp eyed Flickr member alan.98 then identified the typeface as “Poynder” from Delittle of York’s 1938 specimen book:

Poynder from Delittle's 1935 catalogue

Jaqui runs a small studio called Print for Love of Wood where she makes many more amazing prints, take a look!

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