Talking joys and challenges of creative diversity with Shari Akal

Creativity often comes part and parcel with a good dose of curiosity. And, as anyone pursuing multiple interests will know, this is both a blessing and a curse.

When thinking about creative diversity, Shari Akal immediately pops to mind. I first got to know her in 2016 as one half of the Bouwer Flowers duo and found her exuberant passion for floral design compelling and inspiring.

As our paths crossed more often, it soon became evident that her enthusiasm wasn’t limited to flowers. In fact, it isn’t unusual for Shari to stay up into the early morning hours, waiting for trays of delicious vegan baked goodies to come out of the oven. Or, to spend hours creating intricated costumes for film projects and styled shoots. More recently, she’s taken up piano- and ukulele lessons and also squeezes flamenco dancing into her free time.

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