Talking Deliberate Fun with Tanija Botha

We seem to be living in an era that is not particularly conducive to relaxation, let alone having fun. An average day is often spent rushing from one commitment to the next, leaving us to fall into bed both stressed and exhausted at night… just to start all over again in the morning. It’s pretty crazy.

While this is bad enough for adults, the scary part is – in most cases – we have no choice but to rope our children into the mad rush too.

Fortunately, we also seem to be living in an era where an increasing number people are seeking a slower and more mindful approach to life – returning to mode of sometimes just BEING instead of constantly DOING.

The benefits of this lifestyle change are obvious and manifold, especially for children who may be craving more relationship and less training, more wildness and less taming.

We chatted to Cape Town-based educational psychologist and entrepreneur, Tanija Botha about the importance of play in a child’s development and how her fledgling business, Deliberate Fun, can bring these benefits right to your doorstep in a neatly-packaged busy box.

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