Web Typography for the Lonely

Do you find your relationship with typography more fulfilling than any other? Do you remember complex linesĀ  of Javascript off by heart but forget your best friend’s birthday? Do you feel that CSS3 just may be your soul mate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the chances are you may end up lonely… but don’t despair, there’s a website for you: WebTypographyfortheLonely.com

Web Typography for the Lonely is an ongoing collection of experiments and writings on web typography and the possibilities of standards-based web design. It aims to inspire the web community by pushing the boundaries of what is both possible and practical in web standards in a manner that is compelling and exciting to the visually-minded creative.

Web Typography for the Lonely

Created and maintained by Baltimore based designer Chris Clark, each entry features a demo and write-up explaining how the result was achieved. Check it out!

By Typedeck

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