Snooping web fonts made easy

WhatFont is a clever little script by Chengyin Liu, a Computer Science student at University of Illinois. You add the bookmarklet to your web browser and once activated it tells you what fonts are used on a web page by hovering over the text in question.

WhatFont bookmarklet

But wait, there’s more!

WhatFont bookmarklet

When you click, a little window opens up with information about the font stack, size, line-height, colour and even the web font service provider. Sure, you can find out all you need to know about fonts on a web page by inspecting the code with Firebug or the likes, but the WhatFont bookmarklet makes font snooping super easy. And hey, if you want to tweet about the font discoveries you make, there’s a button for that too…

By Imar

Imar Krige is a professional graphic designer and typography enthusiast from Cape Town, South Africa.